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Teachers from........

 Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, and Singapore,

United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

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As a quiz organiser,  Emails will be sent to you throughout the year detailing each part of the ICQ quiz process. You will learn how to register and purchase the quiz on the new quiz platform. Access your teacher account. Access the quiz material. Access the student results. 


All teachers who participated in last years quiz are automatically added to the mailing list, look out for an emails From February to April.

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2. Other Countries....

International Coordinators also arrange the quiz in consultation with our head office. See their contact details.

If you cant find your country. You might be the fist teacher interested in the ICQ from your country.... 


[email protected]



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Are you interested in participating in the International Chemistry Quiz?


Please talk to your school teacher and ask them to join the mailing list!


The International Chemistry Quiz is supervised by a school teacher, normally your science teacher. 

Your teacher will need to set up an account, to purchase the quiz and participate in many steps so that you can participate.

If there are other students at your school interested in the quiz, even in different year levels,  you can all sit the quiz at the same time, to make it easier for your teacher to supervise you as a group. 



If your Science Teacher has not participated in the quiz before, ask them to look at our website and contact the Australian, or relevant International Coordinator to arrange.



Registration for other countries

Registration is different in each country. 

In your country, the date of the ICQ may be different from the main date advertised on this website.

Your country may hold the quiz on another day or month due to school holidays or other school requirements.

Please contact the International Coordinator (below) for further information on registration, process, results and certificates.

The head office in Australia will not be able to answer your question if you are from the following countries so please email your International Coordinator.

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Claire [email protected]


Asia / Europe / Middle East / Africa

Yi Chan / Seed ASDAN [email protected] 



Sri Lanka

Mr N I N S Nadarasa, [email protected]