Unfortunately the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has announced it has moved the General Achievement test (GAT) from June 9 to the date of the Quiz.

We are happy for any schools affected by this change to sit the ICQ on a more convenient date.

Please note the deadline for answer sheets to be returned to our National Office in Melbourne is Friday 20 August 2021. 


Quiz date: 
Thursday 29 July 2021


Join over 95,000 students from 21 countries,

challenging your knowledge of Chemistry in the ICQ

(previously known as the ANCQ). Since 1982, the quiz

has encouraged and inspired students from around

the globe to pursue careers in Chemistry and STEM.

Entry costs: 
Online $5 / Hard Copy $6 per student 

(AUD$ - including GST)




FINAL DAYS - Registrations open until 28 June

for online participants only


   60min Quiz of 30 multiple-choice questions      
   Open to students from Year 7 - 12      
   Knowledge based assessment, not restricted to specific syllabus      
   Available in hard copy and online formats      
   Helpful tools and resources available       
   Past papers are available to purchase       
   All students receive an achievement certificate with their results       
   ICQ Teacher results report provided



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Registrations now closing
28 June 2021 
Online participants only






How it works and FAQs

How it works, how to enter
rules and FAQ’s





Helpful tools and past papers

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teacher resources and
purchase past papers



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