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  • The Quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions to be answered in one hour.
    This is the same for the hard copy and online versions.
  • Please select your entry category from one of these six age divisions:
    - Junior Division 1 (Ages 12 - 13 / Year 7)
    - Junior Division 2 (Ages 13 - 14 / Year 8)
    - Intermediate 1 (Ages 14 - 15 / Year 9)
    - Intermediate 2 (Ages 15 - 16 / Year 10)
    - Senior (Ages 16 - 17 / Year 11)
    - Final (Ages 17 - 18 / Year 12)
  • Scientific calculators and rough-working paper are permitted. Smart devices are not permitted.
  • For those students sitting the Quiz online – Do not attempt the Quiz until instructed by your teacher, as you only get one attempt.  Further information about the online Quiz is available in the FAQs document, please download.
  • Access to the internet is not permitted at any time during the quiz (except the online quiz site).
  • Quiz booklets must be collected up, and retained, by the teacher at the conclusion of the Quiz.


Teacher Planning...

My school has another event on the scheduled quiz day, can we sit the Quiz on another date?

We understand that schools often have timetabling issues, so we are flexible with the date that you hold the Quiz.

There will be a window for online access to the quiz, and for uploading the Student Answer Sheets to the ICQ quiz platform.

If your proposed date is more than 3 days either side of the Main Quiz date please ask the ICQ Coordinator if your proposed date is possible at [email protected]

If you intend to hold the Quiz before the main date, in paper format you collected and secure all booklets and answer sheets after the quiz, to maintain the confidentiality of this years ICQ.







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